Meet the Members


Cates Family Farm
Paul and Elisabeth Cates
17 Stanley Hill Road,
PO Box 105
Vassalboro, Maine 04935
Phone:  207- 923-3412

Truly a family enterprise, our farm in East Vassalboro village has raised gladiolas and many other cut-flower varieties since 1970.  We will also have glad bulbs and flower seedlings and some vegetable seedlings available in the spring.
Our farmers market season will be from May through September.

Comfort Breads
Marian Flaherty
Boothby Street
, Maine 04901

Comfort Breads is a home based baking business focusing on wholesome whole grain breads and granola.  We will also be baking whole wheat vegetable turnovers and bread sticks. Our commitment is to create quality products from healthy ingredients that taste delicious. Comfort Breads has only been in business a few months but already have a faithful following. We look forward to an entire season with the EVFM.

Full Circle Farm
Bernie, Jody, Finn, Hattie and Gillian Welch
#78 South Stanley Hill Road
EastVassalboro, Maine  04935
Phone: 207- 923-4216     

Our family farm came full circle when we bought our grandmother’s farm after teaching 20 years abroad.  We are within walking distance of the East Vassalboro Grange.  Our all organic farm is “berry” satisfying with the primary focus in growing strawberry, raspberry and blackberries from early summer to fall. We also produce and sell vegetables and fruits as the seasons, energy and talent allows.    
Pudleduk Family Farm
Shop location: 36 Maple Street
Vassalboro, Maine 04989

We are a local family from Vassalboro creating a variety of handmade items which include Cold Process Goat Milk and Olive Oil Soaps, Herbal Salves and body products.  We will also sell Herbs & Seedlings grown in our greenhouse, local Maine Honey and our beautiful hens will allow us to bring free range brown eggs. We look forward to meeting all of you this season! We will be at the market Early May to October. 


Rhock Farm

Rhona Suga
88 Nelson Road
Vassalboro, Maine04989

We are a newly established family business, though have had ties to Vassalboro for several years.  In 2008 we set up a small greenhouse which we intend to expand on over time.  From this we will be growing and selling seedling, herbs, perennials, hanging baskets and season veggies as the weather permits.  Our season at the Farmers’ Market will be from May – September.

Sherman Farm

Angelo Pirri
56 Sherman Farm Lane
Fairfield, Maine04937
Phone: 660-7439

Sherman Farm dairy goats began as a family hobby 9 years ago.  It is now a small business that involves all the family.  We breed Nubian, Lamancha and Sannan dairy goats and we are a licensed milk distributor in the state of Maine.  We sell natural, raw, not pasteurized goat milk, goat milk cheese, goat milk yogurt (goatgurt) and goat milk soap.  All our products are made with all natural ingredients.



Shoddy Hollow Farm

Roger & Sara Johnson
457 Bassett RoadWinslow, Maine  04901

We are located on the Outlet Stream in historic Shoddy Hollow. Our home is the old office to one of the mills on our stream.  Our goal is to offer as many heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers as possible. Our produce will be pesticide free. It may cost a little more, but remember, it takes longer to catch bugs by hand.


Somerset Coffee & Tea Co.

Robie Leavitt
399 Waterville Road, Route 201
Skowhegan, Maine
Phone: 612-2607
Somerset Coffee & Tea Co. was started in 2008 by a retired and bored dairy farmer.  It is a passion to bring some of the world's best coffees and teas to the Great State of Maine.  Most of our coffees are Certified Organic and Certified as Fair Trade by Trans Fair or More Than Fair.  I now have over 40 coffees, blended coffees and more than 60 flavored coffees available for you to enjoy.


Whispering Wind Goat Farm

Paul Salley & Deb Robbins
171 St. Albans Road
Maine  04965
Phone: 207- 938-3513     

We raise goats for meat and starter herds.  We are attempting to raise fruit trees, nut trees, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries.  We will be expanding into vegetables – all products will be organic.

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